DC Power Supplies from 5KW to 15MW


PCTI’s regulated DC power supplies are a solid state unit utilizing primary SCR (thyristor) technology in a full-bridge rectifier, constant voltage control, constant current control, automatic crossover series regulation, DC filter, instrumentation, and many operational and protective monitoring features. PCTI’s High-Precision class of DC power supplies use an SCR preregulator to achieve high efficiency, low ripple, precise regulation and low output noise. Power supply designs are available in ratings from 5KW to 15MW with current ratings up to 120KVA.

PCTI’s power supplies and systems can be used wherever DC power is required and are at work today in hundreds of industrial, commercial, research, transit and military applications including electrochemical, steel, welding, plating, circuit breaker testing, busbar testing, desalinization, grid tie in, and aircraft engine starting. Each unit is based on standard designs and precision engineered to meet your specific application. Our power supplies are available as regulated or non-regulated for a variety of industrial or laboratory environments. If you need help in specifying your power supply, request a quote online or download our dc power supply brochure.

PCTI’s high current DC power supply units are built to customer order from a range of standard power and control modules, and offer high performance, high reliability and sophisticated control systems. A variety of computer interfaces are available to meet all of your power supply programming and control requirements. Click on the buttons at the top right for representative high power and typical project profiles. Applications include electrochemical, steel, welding, plating, circuit breaker testing, busbar testing, desalinization, grid tie in, aircraft engine starting, and any low voltage power supply, high current DC power supply, industrial power supply or military power supply application.

DC Power Supply Specifications

The following specifications outline PCTI’s DC power supply product line. Please contact PCTI for options not listed here or for assistance regarding your particular application.

Output Parameters Standard Precision
Single Phase Voltage Range 6-1,000V 6-1,000V
Amperage Range 50-200A 2-200A
Three Phase Voltage Range 6-1,000V 6-1,000V
Amperage Range 50-10,000A 50-1,000A
Voltage Regulation (Line and Load) 1% .05%
Current Regulation (Line and Load) 1% 0.1%
Ripple VRMS (maximum) 1% 0.5%
Response Time (typical) 200mseconds 50mseconds
General Specifications
Input Voltages ( 50/60Hz )

Single: 110, 115, 120, 130, 200, 208, 230

Three: 208, 220, 230, 380, 415, 440, 460, 480, 575

Standard Features

Constant Current Control

Constant Voltage Control

Automatic Crossover

Regulated Voltage

Regulated Current

Soft Start

Automatic Phase Selection

Standard Front Panel Devices

Output Current Adjustment

Output Voltage Adjustment

Analog or Digital Voltmeter

Analog or Digital Ammeter

Power ON Indicator

Start/Stop Pushbutton

Fault/Reset Pushbutton

Computer Interface/Remote Capability

Analog Signals: 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V or

Computer Interface: ethernet, profibus, Modbus, CANbus, IEEE 488.2 / GPIB, RS232, RS485

Functions: Start/Stop, Reset, Fault, Current Adjust, Voltage Adjust, Fault Indication





Overtemperature (cabinet, semiconductor, transformer)

Input Short Circuit (circuit breaker or fusing)

Output Short Circuit *

Input & Output Surge Suppression (MOVs)

Phase Loss*

I2t Fusing

* via electronic circuitry

Cooling Systems
Forced Air
Direct Water
Closed Loop Water to Water Heat Exchanger
Natural Convection
Water cooled
Liquid Cooled
Water System Protection: low flow, temperature, resistivity, leak detection, low level

NEMA Enclosure Types: 1, 3R, 12, 4, 4X

Operating Temperature: -5°C to 40°C

Storage Temperature: -10°C to 65°C

Humidity: up to 90% non condensing

Standard Conformance



Optional Features

Electronic Phase Imbalance



12, 18 or 24 Pulse Design

Remote Control Station

Input Cables

Output Cables

Mobile (casters, wheels, trailer mount)