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Frequency Converter Project Profiles
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The following projects display our diversity with regard to type of power supply as well as application. Click on the thumbnail to view the picture in more detail. Click the back button to return to this page. If you need help specifying the inverter that you need, please request a quote.

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This 60 to 400Hz 90KVA DSP controlled, IGBT based frequency converter is used for aircraft ground support of Army helicopters. The input is selectable 480V/220V/380V, 50/60Hz and thus can be used globally. The unit is equipped with two outputs to enable powering two aircraft simultaneously. This project utilizes the same inverter technology as the proposed effort, is used for aircraft ground support, and is similar in design complexity. There are a number of specification similarities including required conformance to MIL-STD-704F. This unit is UL 1012 compliant.

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This 60 to 400Hz 90KVA DSP controlled, IGBT based frequency converter supplies ground power to aircraft at the Youngstown Air Reserve Station. The 910th is home to the only full-time, fixed-wing aerial spray unit within the Defense Department.

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4.5KVA 60 to 400Hz DSP controlled, IGBT based frequency converter with 115/200V 3 Phase input, rack mounted in a vehicle for communications application.

[/image_with_text][/qode_content_slider_item][qode_content_slider_item][image_with_text image=”20811″ title=”22KVA Frequency Converter” title_color=”#429801″]

22 KVA 50Hz to 60Hz Frequency Converter IGBT based on DSP PWM technology in a Nema 4 totally enclosed cabinet. Application: equipment frequency converter used outdoor in Iraq.