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Submarine Battery Chargers
from 5KW to 2MW
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High Current Battery Chargers
from 5KW to 2MW
Frequency Converters
from 3.5KVA to 2MVA, 400Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz
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Featured Products and Applications

DC Power Supplies

Our DC power supplies use a multipulse SCR / IGBT design to achieve high efficiency, low ripple, precise regulation and low output noise, available in ratings from 5KW to 20MW.

Battery Chargers

PCTI offers rugged high-current battery chargers to meet all of your high-current industrial charging applications from 5KW to 2MW.

Frequency Converters

PCTI can provide the frequency converter you need for any commercial, industrial or military application with power ranges from 4KVA to 500KVA.

DC/AC Inverters

PCTI can provide the inverter you need for your specific application whether you need to change DC or AC to another or change the frequency, with power ranges from 5KVA to 1.5MVA.

Submarine Battery Chargers

PCTI offers rugged high-current battery chargers to meet all of your high-current industrial charging applications from 25 to 2000A and up to 1000V.

Shorepower Solutions

PCTI’s solid state shorepower converters cut fuel costs, reduce fuel emissions and air pollution from generators, and eliminate unnecessary noise. They can be custom built to your specifications, up to 2MVA.

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Custom Products Designed for You

Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. (PCTI) products are custom designed for your application based on proven designs in our proprietary library. With innovative control products like our sixth generation Universal DSP Controller, we are addressing a new era in power electronics as applied to industrial equipment electronics in the highest power ranges (1KVA/KW to 15MW).

PCTI Workshop - custom design
PCTI circuit board

In-Depth Knowledge of Power Conversion

Our engineering staff has in-depth knowledge in the key areas of power conversion. These areas include power semiconductor analysis and application, thermal exchange, magnetic design and packaging. Since 1991, Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. has been providing to military and industrial customers around the world. Whether incorporating renewable energy technology or custom power electronic solutions, our engineers work with you to solve your problems.

Quality and Value

New materials and components are continually analyzed so that we can pass increased quality and decreased cost onto you. Equipment manufactured at Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. has been designed for production efficiency and maintainability in order to provide the best value. PCTI’s staff has industrial applications expertise in the power conversion field dating from the introduction of industrial power electronics in the 1960’s to the modern industrial applications existing today, as well as those that will exist tomorrow.

PCTI Workshop - quality and value
PCTI globally known

Globally Known

Our customers, as well as our reps and partners, are located throughout the world in Europe, Asia and the United States. Our customers include general industrial customers and military customers, both domestically and internationally. Some of our typical applications include heavy industrial applications, equipment for research laboratories, aircraft ground support, battery chargers, metal finishing, testing, water conditioning, electrochemical processes, transportation, custom distribution equipment, and telecommunications.


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