Mission Complete

Ozop Energy Solutions - Mission Complete! October 21, 2021 09:30 ET  Pearl Harbor 1 MW Power Supply Modification Warwick, NY, Oct. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ozop Energy Solutions. (OZSC), (“Ozop” or the ...

2021 Renewable Energy Plan

2021 New Energy Plan

Much of the world is moving towards renewable sources of power. In 2019, renewable electricity generation rose 6% and accounted for a quarter of global electricity generation. Many of the world’s nations have stated goals of increasing their perc ...

Rise of the Modern Smart Grid

PCTI and the Rise of the Modern Smart Grid

When Russian scientist Georg Wilhelm Richmann was electrocuted in 1753, he became the first recorded person to die while conducting electrical experiments. He was attempting to replicate Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite/key experiment which demons ...

Conventure Partner SPBES

Meet PCTI’s New Coventure Partners: SPBES

Power Conversion Technology Inc. (PCTI) is very excited to announce a new coventure relationship with battery manufacturer Sterling Plan B Energy Solutions (SPBES). SPBES, located in Vancouver Canada, makes large battery banks focused chiefly on the sh ...

Precision Power Products

OZOP Energy Solutions Announces Agreement Between PCTI and Indian Technology Company

OZOP Energy’s fully owned subsidiary Power Conversion Technologies Inc., PCTI, and Precision Power Products (PPP) have entered into a Technology Development Agreement. PCTI would like to introduce you to PPP and their group of associated companies and share with you why PCTI is partnering with this synergistic company.  With a GDP ranking third in the world [b], India has one billion more people than the U.S. [a]. With almost two decades of experience and an impressive customer list, Precision Power Products is an excellent partner for PCTI. The Technology Development Agreement (TDA) allows PPP to purchase products from PCTI and repackage them into larger components and/or resell them in India under the PPP brand. Based on Precision Power Products’ evaluation, their five-year revenue opportunity projection is placed at $124 million.