Rectifiers for Metal Finishing

Custom Metal Finishing Rectifiers

PCTI offers standard and customized metal finishing rectifiers for your application. Our DC power supplies can be used for any of your metal finishing needs including metal plating and anodizing applications. Choose between multi-pulse SCR technology or switch mode topology. Our highly reliable equipment is currently in use around the globe in industrial and military applications including metal plating, steel making, aerospace and aircraft ground support.

Rugged Designs

PCTI's DC power supplies can withstand even the harshest of industrial environments. We will customize your DC power supply based on your specific requirement, with enclosure options to meet the rugged corrosive industrial environments typical for metal finishing. Our ruggedized equipment is reliably operating in adverse conditions all over the world including the arctic tundra in Alaska, and harsh desert conditions in the middle east. Check out some of our other DC power supply applications.

Superior DSP Technology

All of PCTI's equipment is manufactured with a sophisticated control system using digital signal processor (DSP) control based on IGBT PWM technology. PCTI's DSP technology provides several performance-increasing benefits, including:

  • Real-time calculation, transformation, data collection, decision-making, and more
  • Capability to anticipate changes in the system and adapt for optimization
  • Increased reliability based on a single board solution
  • Ease of updating, changing, or modifying the equipment's functionality or application (even after installation)
  • Real-time data logging

PCTI's Metal Finishing Rectifier Solutions

30KW DC Power Supply

Multi-pulse SCR Rectifiers

PCTI's rectifiers can be custom-built to your specifications using a multi-pulse SCR topology.

30KW Switchmode Power Supply

Switchmode Power Supplies

PCTI's DC power supplies can be custom-built to your specifications using switch mode technology.