Other Applications

Other Applications

Our products are used in hundreds of applications, such as: anodizing, cranes, communications systems, battery chargers, desalinization plants, utility circuit breaker testing, ground support, electrochemical processes, engine starting, frequency converters, high frequency applications, HVAC, laboratories, large scale vehicles, lasers, motor drives, and 400Hz distribution for ground support. Other typical power electronic applications included in PCTI’s product scope are shown below. Don’t forget to request a quote online to help you in specifying inverters, DC power supplies, switchmode power supplies and battery chargers. You can also visit our documents page to download and view all of our brochures.

PCTI Applications: AC/DC


Unregulated Power Supply

DC Power Supply
DC Motor Drive Power Supply
Excitation Power Supply DC Substation for Transportation
AC/DC Generator Power Bridge
Transportation Power Supply (locomotives)

Low Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply

Electro Erosion
Al Foil Treatment for Capacitor Technology
Battery Charger
Metal Finishing (Plating, Arc Welding, Plasma)
Motor Starters (Avionics, Diesel)
Magnetic Belt Field Control (ships)
Voltage Regulation for AC Electrical Machinery
Magnetic Crane Power Supply
DC Drive AC Electrical Machine Brake
Electro Magnetic Separator
Precision Power Supply for Telecommunications Laboratory, Calibration, Avionics, Military

PCTI Applications: AC/AC


Voltage Regulator

Power Compensation to 24KV
AC Motor Drive for Fans
Lighting Control (Airports, Ballasts)
Temperature Control
Voltage Stabilization
Variable Voltage Source with Transformer
Solid State Motor Starter
Vibration Power Switching

Frequency Converter

400Hz Aircraft Ground Support

Solid State Contactor

Temperature Controlled
Proportional Regulator
UPS Transfer Switch
AC Motor Control

PCTI Applications: AC/AC


High Current Regulated DC Power Supply

Electrolysis (Al, Cu, Chemistry, Water)
Graphite Fabrication
DC Drive (Steel Mills, Machine Tools, Machine Control)
Cycloconvertor (Low Frequency AC Water Drive)
Metal Finishing (Plasma Power Supply, Metal Melting)
Voltage Regulation for Synchro Generator Applications

High Voltage Regulated DC Power Supply

DC Power Transmission
X-Ray Generator
Electrostatic Separator for Liquids
Electrostatic Painting
Electronic Gun
Electrochemical Technologies
Capacitor Discharge Technology (Metal Melting and Deformation)

PCTI Applications: DC/DC


Direct Conversion (PWM, Chopper)

Solid State DC Contactor
Voltage Regulators for DC and AC Generators
Regulated DC Power Supply
Motor Drive

PCTI Applications: DC/AC, DC/DC


Switching Power Supply

Low Voltage and High Voltage Power Supplies
V = 1.5V to 150KV
I = mA to kA
Power = mW to MW
Solar Cell Power Stations
Power Transmission
Electrostatic Precipitator