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ShorePower Solutions

Plug Into Power with ShorePower Solutions

Plug Into Power

With our shorepower converters, boaters can plug into our frequency converters to provide power to their ships at port. This solution is ideal for international travel where the frequency of the power source available needs converted to correctly power the at-berth ship’s electronics.

Why Use ShorePower?

Why ShorePower?

PCTI’s solid state shorepower converters cut fuel costs, reduce fuel emissions and air pollution from generators, and eliminate unnecessary noise. They can be custom built to your specifications, up to 2MVA.

Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor Or Outdoor

Our shorepower converters are made for both indoor and outdoor applications. The outdoor units are rugged enough to withstand a harsh marine environment, including tropical locations. Our shorepower supplies conform to at-berth regulations.

350KVA 50/60Hz ShorePower frequency converters for tropical marina project

PCTI ShorePower Solutions

All PCTI frequency converters are equipped with a sophisticated control system utilizing digital signal processor (DSP) control based on IGBT PWM technology. This superior next-generation control allows us to provide a single control board solution for the frequency converter, thus increasing reliability by reducing control components.

Input power factor and harmonic distortion in the input current of a frequency converter can have detrimental effect on the utility grid supplying the converter, especially for higher power converters. All PCTI frequency converters for shorepower application are designed to have very low input current distortion, THD < 5%, and almost unity power factor in the input.