DC Power Remains Popular

Did you know DC (direct current) power was invented by Thomas Edison, and DC power was used in homes in the U.S. in the late 1800s? Much like AC (alternating current) today, DC power “was king” among consumers in 1887, according to sources, and there were 121 Edison power stations delivering DC electricity to customers across the nation back then.

AC and DC Power
DC Power

Times have changed: reported, “Thanks to growing power consumption by digital devices of all kinds, DC power is making a comeback.” Plus, the growing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles could make DC power even more important and popular: Electric cars charge on direct current power and require lots of it!

Today, power electronics requiring DC power permeate every industry. At Power Conversion Technologies, our customers use our power supplies and systems wherever DC power is required.

Where can DC power be found today?

DC power is used for a wide range of applications in all industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Aerospace ground support equipment
  • Automotive battery systems and electric vehicles
  • Metals such as making steel and electroplating
  • Military for launching missiles and starting aircraft
  • Nuclear power generation
  • Nearly any industrial process such as electrochemical
  • Emerging markets such as wind and solar
  • Telecommunications and many other industries.
DC Power
DC Power and PCTI

We’re staying on top of the power “trends” and we’re committed to bringing you the latest and greatest in power conversion systems and products offering high performance, unmatched reliability, and the control they need in just about every industry out there. And while PCTI addresses high power ranges from 5KW to 15MW, we’re also happy to see DC power making a comeback with consumers, too!

About PCTI

Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. is a certified DBE woman-owned business.  PCTI designs and manufactures leading edge power electronic equipment in the highest power ranges. PCTI’s engineering staff has in-depth knowledge in the key areas of power conversion such as power semiconductor analysis and application, thermal exchange, magnetic design, packaging, DSP (digital signal processor) control for inverters, frequency converters, DC power supplies, battery chargers and dischargers. Contact us for more information on our products, applications assistance, or pricing.

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