Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. strives to provide quality products, as well as quality customer support to all current and prospective clients. This includes providing access to PCTI facilities for client meetings. For any client that requires, or requests in-person meetings with PCTI, this page will provide you with directions to PCTI with the map below. Whether you would like to tour our facilities, or just conduct business meetings face-to-face, PCTI is always available to fulfill your needs. In addition, if you have any questions, you can feel free to visit our contact us page, and submit whatever question you may have using our contact form. We will be sure to respond to all of your questions in a timely and complete manner.

PCTI is located at

789 East Butler Road

Butler, PA 16002-9109

Front of PCTI's Facility

Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. is a woman-owned business, that began designing and manufacturing equipment in response to the growing demand for power electronics in the highest power ranges. PCTI has been addressing a new era in power electronics as applied to industrial equipment since 1991. Visit our about us page to learn more.