Mission Critical High Power Equipment

Sometimes when designing or specifying equipment for use in a particular field, the price is the most important factor. Perhaps the application is not very intensive, or use is only occasional, or not a very stringent application. Other times, performance is paramount, in situations of high intensity, where dependability is key, and environments are harsh or demand a high degree of resiliency. It is this latter situation that we’re interested in at PCTI, as we provide several types of high power equipment to the U.S. Military.

Reliable Equipment is Essential

If you’ve ever watched Band of Brothers, you might remember the dire depiction of the Allied troops in Bastogne at the Battle of the Bulge. Being outnumbered 5-1, lacking cold-weather gear, ammunition, food, medical supplies and senior leadership, the Allied troops were ill-prepared and dependent entirely upon supplies. Supplies that they did not yet have, as they were waiting on an air drop before they could mount their counteroffensive. When the equipment arrived, the Allies were able to successfully use the equipment, eventually defeating the Germans in perhaps the most important battle in World War II. Clearly, having supplies and reliable equipment and supplies at the right time is critical to achieve mission objectives.

Though modern weaponry, military high power equipment and technology, and even strategy have changed drastically since then, the principle remains the same. Our soldiers depend on their equipment in some of the most extreme circumstances imaginable, and the equipment often needs to be able to perform in these circumstances to enable the victory.  The importance of proper functionality of the supporting high power equipment of our military cannot be exaggerated.

Military Tank
Military Equipment
Mobile Military Frequency Converter for Desert
PCTI and Military Equipment

At PCTI, we’re proud to serve our military. We provide equipment that stands up to the extremes of the environment and extended use that are often counted upon for survival and success. Our equipment has been likened to a high-end Cadillac because of its robustness and quality. Because of our high reliability, we rarely need to provide spare parts for our aircraft ground support equipment, which includes 400Hz frequency converters and 28V DC power supplies. We make equipment that our military and lives can depend upon. Providing mission critical equipment for our military is one way we proudly serve our country at PCTI, and we’ll continue to support our troops with the latest in technology and stringent standards to keep up with the ever advancing field of military technology.

About PCTI

Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. is a certified DBE woman-owned business.  PCTI designs and manufactures leading edge power electronic equipment in the highest power ranges. PCTI’s engineering staff has in-depth knowledge in the key areas of power conversion such as power semiconductor analysis and application, thermal exchange, magnetic design, packaging, DSP (digital signal processor) control for invertersfrequency convertersDC power suppliesbattery chargers and dischargers. Contact us for more information on our products, applications assistance, or pricing.

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