Internationally Recognized Frequency Converters

Giving Global Reach to the World's Greatest Power

Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. offers a wide variety of frequency converters configurations to meet any application. Whether it is avionics, ground power, or ship board (to name a few), our designs are versatile enough so that they can accommodate a range of aircraft including commuters, fighter jets, and commercial wide-bodies. PCTI frequency converters are at Fort Campbell providing ground power to the Black Hawk helicopters at the 101st Airborne division.  The Navy Seal assault force from Fort Campbell carried out the mission in Black Hawks that took down Osama Bin Laden.

PCTI Equipment is Ideal for Any Application, Anywhere

Whether you need 400Hz frequency converters for aircraft ground support, for radar, or DC power units for starting jet engines, we manufacture and deliver power conversion equipment that is adaptable to any input and any application world over. Additionally, PCTI’s power conversion equipment is deployable to areas of the planet that have different terrains, climates, and weather systems than here in North America. Through desert heat, tropical humidity, or sub-zero frostbite, our systems perform exactly as required to support the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

Since the days of the First Gulf War in 1991, our equipment has seen active service keeping American forces up and running and ready for whatever challenge comes their way.  PCTI Frequency Converters can be found world wide at locations such as Al Udied Air Force Base, Qatar, Kadena Air Base, Japan, Dhamial Army Camp Pakistan, and Eielson Air Force Base, South Korea.

Frequency Converters for Air Force

At PCTI, we are at the forefront of technology, incorporating DSP (digital signal processor) control so that we can achieve the lowest total harmonic distortion (1%) available worldwide. DSP provides real-time control and corrects operational parameters that result in better performance, lower energy consumption, and increased reliability. Our inverter technology sets a new industry standard.

About PCTI

Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. is a certified DBE woman-owned business.  PCTI designs and manufactures leading edge power electronic equipment in the highest power ranges. PCTI’s engineering staff has in-depth knowledge in the key areas of power conversion such as power semiconductor analysis and application, thermal exchange, magnetic design, packaging, DSP (digital signal processor) control for invertersfrequency convertersDC power suppliesbattery chargers and dischargers. Contact us for more information on our products, applications assistance, or pricing.

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