More Power: PCTI’s New Facility

The caption on PCTI’s homepage is “The Power To Be Powerful”. This refers to PCTI’s occupation of the highest power niche of the power electronic products markets for frequency convertersinvertersbattery chargers and DC power supplies. As the power ratings for the equipment we manufacture continues to trend upwards, we found that we needed a bigger facility with more amenities and more power. PCTI's new facility has four times more power than our previous facility.

The Hunt

As an established and growing manufacturer of high quality power electronic products, we’ve been on the hunt for a facility that would allow us to better serve our customers. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed an increase in order size, power needs, and production demands. Due to this, we have been actively searching for an appropriate facility that could efficiently and safely serve our growing needs.

Power Struggle

And it’s not easy to find a facility with an existing installed 1 MW power base, but we were able to find one only 3 miles from our former facility. This manufacturing space used to house the Alta Group, now part of Honeywell, a leading refiner and supplier of high- purity Titanium. Other options to find a facility with this level of power included reviewing heavy industrial facilities such as defunct steel mills. There was plenty of manufacturing space available, but none that had enough power.  We also found that the power company was unwilling to expend the investment for infrastructure to run power lines at such a high power rating for several  miles. It’s definitely not easy to service the high-power niche, if it was, there would be more companies doing it.

PCTI New Facility - Outside
PCTI Nikola Tesla Conference Room
PCTI New Facility- Shop
PCTI's New Facility

PCTI's new facility is located in an industrial park with 30 other manufacturing related businesses. Like the power rating, the 15,000 square feet building is four times larger than our previous facility, allowing us to operate more effectively and soundly. We also dedicated 10,000 square feet of space to production processes to better serve our customers’ changing and growing needs. We’re excited to have our staff under one roof and to be able to easily collaborate and work with the various PCTI work teams.

Thinking About The Future

Although the majority of our projects fall in the 10-150KW/KVA range, we are increasingly seeing business and providing proposals in the MW range.  Since the facility formerly was equipped with 69KV, the next likely upgrade will be to expand the power for testing to medium voltage.

About PCTI

Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. is a certified DBE woman-owned business.  PCTI designs and manufactures leading edge power electronic equipment in the highest power ranges. PCTI’s engineering staff has in-depth knowledge in the key areas of power conversion such as power semiconductor analysis and application, thermal exchange, magnetic design, packaging, DSP (digital signal processor) control for invertersfrequency convertersDC power suppliesbattery chargers and dischargers. Contact us for more information on our products, applications assistance, or pricing.

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