28VDC Ground Power Units

28VDC GUP on legs
28VDC Mobile GPU

Solid State 28VDC Ground Power Units

PCTI’s 28VDC Power Supplies are designed for use on airports and airfields, where power needs to be run out to planes in the hangar and over the tarmac.  Various aircraft need these supplies to start up their engines, so they can take off and travel to their destination. Our mobile version has wheels that make them easy to maneuver around obstacles and bring to wherever the customer needs to supply power.  Our Vertical Freestanding cabinets are perfect for maintenance bays, where mobility is not the issue.  These units are designed to take the standard 480VAC 60HZ or 380VAC 50Hz and convert it to 28VDC at various amperages for standard aircraft use.

We have also created brochures on these products, for your viewing pleasure:

Following are our standard specifications for 50KW-100KW power supplies.

Contact us for options not listed here or for assistance regarding your particular application.