DC Power Supplies from 500KW-2MW

Solid State High Power DC Power Supplies

PCTI provides precision engineered DC power supplies, with an upper range of 500KW-2MW. Our power supplies come with a range of standard power and control modules, as well as a variety of computer interfaces for programming and control requirements. In addition, our products are all custom built to order, so that we can provide power solutions regardless of the application.

For Your Application

Our 500KW-2MW DC power supplies are currently being used in applications such as: electrochemical, steel, welding, plating, circuit breaker testing, busbar testing, desalinization, grid tie in, and aircraft engine starting, and they can be your power solutions as well. If you have questions, or would like even more detailed information regarding our DC power supplies and their applications, you can contact us and/or download our DC power supply brochure.

500KW-2MW DC Power Supplies

Following are our standard specifications for 500KW-2MW power supplies.

Contact us for options not listed here or for assistance regarding your particular application.