DC Power Supplies from 50KW-100KW

Solid State High Power DC Power Supplies

Power Conversion Technologies, Inc. offers our clients 50KW-100KW DC power supplies for all of your DC power needs. Our custom built power supplies are high efficiency, low ripple, with precise regulation, and low output noise. Regardless of your application, PCTI can provide you with the power solutions that you need.

For Your Application

Our 50KW-100KW DC power supplies are used in a variety of areas, including military, industrial, commercial, research, and transit applications, as are our other power ranges as well. If you have questions regarding your specific needs, you can contact us with your inquiry. If you would like even more detailed information regarding our DC power supplies and their applications, you can also download our DC power supply brochure.

50KW-100KW DC power supplies in renewables

Following are our standard specifications for 50KW-100KW power supplies.

Contact us for options not listed here or for assistance regarding your particular application.