Power Inverters from 5KVA..2.5MVA

Solid State Power Inverters

PCTI power inverters and converter capabilities can support any combination of AC or DC inputs and outputs falling within the general parameters indicated below. DSP control and monitoring can also allow for universal AC inputs to accommodate a wide range of inputs spanning the variety of global distribution services. PCTI power inverters are solid state insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) based on DSP PWM (digital signal processor, pulse width modulated) technology. We are a regular manufacturer of DC to AC power inverters, AC to DC power inverters, industrial power inverters, and military power inverters.

For Your Application

PCTI can provide the power inverters and converters you need for your specific application, whether you need to change DC or AC to another or change the frequency. PCTI power inverters are digital signal processor (DSP) controlled based on IGBT PWM technology. This superior, next-generation control allows us to provide a single control board solution for the inverter, thus increasing reliability by reducing control components. Whether you need a high quality AC waveform suitable for sensitive electronic equipment, or some other purpose, contact PCTI about power inverters for more details. If you need help in specifying your inverter, request a quote online, or download our inverter brochure.

Custom Products Designed for You

Our power inverters are built to customer order based on our standard designs and offer high performance, high reliability and sophisticated control systems. Applications include remote power stations, grid tie in systems (including dc power supplies for grid tie systems), microgrids, renewables including wind, solar, fuel cells, transportation, backup power, overhead cranes, as well as many others. A variety of computer interfaces are available to meet all of your inverter programming and control requirements.

Following are our standard specifications.

Contact us for options not listed here or for assistance regarding your particular application.

• Any AC or DC voltage available (AC may be single phase or three phase)
• Any frequency up to 20kHz

• Any standard voltage (AC may be single phase or three phase; DC voltages from 24 to 750VDC)
Voltage adjust:
• 0.1% for any line and load combination
AC output frequency:
• Any frequency up to 20kHz
Frequency regulation:
• +/- 0.05%
Sine wave generation:
• PWM (pure sine) or square wave
Control technology:
• Digitally synthesized pulse width modulation
THD-linear loads:
• 3%
THD-nonlinear loads:
• 4%
• 90% or better

NEMA/IP enclosure ratings:
• NEMA 12 (IP20)
• NEMA 3R (IP54)
• NEMA 4 (IP55)
• NEMA 4X (IP56)
• other ratings available upon request
Operating temperature:
• 0°C - 40°C
Storage temperature:
• -10°C - 65°C
• Up to 90% non-condensing

• Overcurrent
• Overvoltage
• Undervoltage
• Input reverse polarity
• Overtemperature
• Electronic
• Current limiting
• Input to output transformer isolation
• Input MOVs
• Output MOVs

Computer interface:
• Ethernet/IP
• Modbus TCP
• CANbus,
• IEEE 488.2 / GPIB
• RS232
• RS485
• Start/stop
• Reset
• Fault
• Inhibit
• Current adjust
• Voltage adjust
• Fault indication (UV, OV, OC, other)
Analog signals:
• 4mA - 20mA
• 0V - 5V
• 0V - 10V

• Start/Stop Pushbutton
• Fault/Reset Pushbutton
• Voltage Regulation Potentiometer
• Current Regulation Potentiometer


• Increased performance
• One programmable chip with the functionality of conventional control components
• SCR preregulator to achieve high efficiency, low ripple, precise regulation, and low output noise
• Coarse and fine adjustments are available for both current and voltage
• Event and data logging to continuously monitor equipment operating status as well as internal control parameters

• Emergency mushroom power off pushbutton
• 12- or 18-pulse input rectification for low input current
• Active input current filter
• Push to test indicators
• Elapsed time meter
• Mobile options (casters, pneumatic tires, towable, trailer- or rack-mounted, etc.)

• Forced air
• Direct water
• Closed loop water to water heat exchanger
• Heatpipe
• Natural convection
• Water-cooled
• Liquid-cooled
• Water system protection: low flow, temperature, resistivity, leak detection, low level