Microgrid Energy Storage Solutions

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Storage

WindStax® vertical wind turbines for wind microgrids

At PCTI, energy solutions like advanced microgrids are a natural extension of the company’s product scope supporting energy storage in all power ratings. Traditional grid infrastructure is crumbling. Keeping your operations running when the electrical grid fails is smart business. Microgrids hold the key to reduced energy costs, business resilience and sustainability. Power from renewables deliver many benefits for your business and the environment. But on their own, they are limited. Facilities often lack the technology and infrastructure to consume the renewables they produce. Because renewables are grid-tied: if the grid goes down, the benefit of renewable power is gone as well.

Keeping your operations running is just smart business.  By adding a microgrid to your energy system, you get the sophisticated control you need to use your renewable sources of power when and how it benefits you most. Whether that’s using it to keep the lights on during outages or, leveraging it as a revenue stream or cost avoidance strategy.

Explore innovative technologies that increase your business resilience against natural disasters and lost revenues due to downtime while supporting your sustainability goals.