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ShorePower Solutions

Plug Into Power with ShorePower Solutions

Plug Into Power

With our shorepower converters, boaters can plug into our frequency converters to provide power to their ships at port. This solution is ideal for international travel where the frequency of the power source available needs converted to correctly power the at-berth ship’s electronics.

Why Use ShorePower?

Why ShorePower?

PCTI’s solid state shorepower converters cut fuel costs, reduce fuel emissions and air pollution from generators, and eliminate unnecessary noise. They can be custom built to your specifications, up to 2MVA.

Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor Or Outdoor

Our shorepower converters are made for both indoor and outdoor applications. The outdoor units are rugged enough to withstand a harsh marine environment, including tropical locations. Our shorepower supplies conform to at-berth regulations.

350KVA 50/60Hz ShorePower frequency converters for tropical marina project

PCTI ShorePower Solutions

All PCTI frequency converters are equipped with a sophisticated control system utilizing digital signal processor (DSP) control based on IGBT PWM technology. This superior next-generation control allows us to provide a single control board solution for the frequency converter, thus increasing reliability by reducing control components.

Input power factor and harmonic distortion in the input current of a frequency converter can have detrimental effect on the utility grid supplying the converter, especially for higher power converters. All PCTI frequency converters for shorepower application are designed to have very low input current distortion, THD < 5%, and almost unity power factor in the input.

If you need help in specifying your shorepower needs, contact PCTIrequest a quote, or download our shorepower brochure.

Input service:
• Any 3 phase AC input
AC input frequency:
 • 60Hz or 50Hz typical (contact factory for others)
• Better than 85% at full load
Power factor:
• 0.95 to unity at full load and nominal input
•  Input circuit breaker


Power range:
• 10KVA to 2000KVA (2MVA)
Output service:
•  Any voltage
AC output frequency:
•  50Hz, 60Hz or others on request
Frequency regulation:
•  + 0.05%
• 1% independent phase regulation for combined no load to full load at rated input voltage change control technology
• Digitally synthesized pulse width modulation
Wave shape:
• Pure sinewave
Crest factor:
• 1.41 + 0.1%
Transient response:
• 50ms for a 90% load change on any phase or combination of phases
Current Limit:
• 110% of load
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion):
• less than 2% THD, 1% on any single frequency, less than 4% for non-linear loads
Power factor:
• 0.9 lead to 0.7 lag.
• Continuous zero lead to zero lag at full rated output without damage to the unit.
Overload capacity:
• 125% for 10 minutes, 150% for 2 minutes, 200% for 20 seconds (Optional) and 300% for 6 seconds (Optional)

• Power ON indicator
• Run indicator
• Undervoltage indicator
• Overvoltage indicator
• Voltage trim adjust from 90% to 10%
• Start pushbutton
• Stop/reset pushbutton
• Fault indicator
• Output voltmeter with 3 phase selector switch
• Output ammeter with 3 phase selector switch

• Automatic line drop compensation
• Automatic input line monitoring
• Audible alarm
• Emergency mushroom OFF switch
• Electrical door interlock with bypass
• Built in test and protection monitoring
• MIL-STD-461 compliant for EMI/RFI
• Standard conformance to IEC, NEMA, NEC, IEEE and other Mil-Spec
• Indoor or outdoor enclosures
• Computer interface/remote capability
• Analog signals: 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V or
• Computer interface: Ethernet/IP, profinet, Modbus, CANbus, IEEE 488.2/GPIB, RS232, RS485
• Remote functions: Start/stop, reset, current adjust, voltage adjust, voltage &amp; current reading, fault indication (UV, OV, OC, other)

• Input circuit breaker
• Output contactor
• Overvoltage
• Undervoltage
• Overcurrent/overload will withstand output short circuit cleared by internal circuitry
• Output underfrequency
• Overtemperature
• Input to output transformer isolation

• NEMA enclosure types: 1, 3R, 12, 4, 4X
• Enclosure types: Mobile, towable, bridgemount or freestanding
• Operating temperature: -5°C to 40°C
• Storage temperature: -10°C to 65°C
• Humidity: Up to 98% non-condensing at 40°C

• Data & event logging
• HMI touchscreen operation
• Output circuit breaker
• Frequency meter
• Elapsed time meter
• Mobile unit (pneumatic tires or casters depending on rating)
• Dual output
• Multiple selectable input voltages
• Cable racks for input and/or output cables